Ouija Dangers

Many ask - are Ouija Boards safe to use?
In my own experience , yes they are quite safe. There are some signals that you should learn to recognise, and these indicate that it may be time to end the séance. Spirits are as varied as the living in their nature, and some appear to be intent on mischief.

You will not be harmed, but you should always consider your questions carefully before asking them. For example - never ask the spirit for physical proof of their existence. Some believe this opens a door between the physical and spiritual world that is best left closed.

If the responses become in some way aggressive or agitated, the speaker will need to try to calm the spirit, or end the session if the entity will not move on.


Start by requesting that the group be allowed to speak with someone else, but if the 'bad-child' refuses to leave, then it's time to finish. Thank all the spirits for their company, and end with goodbye, and a short prayer. Imagine a pure white light encircling the group as you for protection.

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